Entertainment Udaariyaan 2nd February Latest Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 2nd February Latest Written Episode Update


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The soap opera Udaariyaan is set to be exciting and entertaining with lots of ups and downs this time around. This episode is set to be aired on 2nd February, 2021 and contains all the elements soap opera fans love- drama, fighting, scheming and lots of entertainment.

Gurpreet leans of Jasmine’s actions against Amrik and the entire Virk family. So, she tries to throw jasmine out of the family. Jasmine tries to explain her side to Gurpreet however her efforts are fruitless as Gurpreet believes that since jasmine has plotted against them once she can do it again. she also doesn’t want to trust jasmine due to some prior things.

Meanwhile, Angad Maan also reveals his feelings of hatred and anger towards jasmine as he says she deserves this punishment of being kicked out of the family because she just the people who love her and betrayed their trust. As revenge he reveals her exploits along with proof which totally shocks jasmine who internally notes that Angad Maan is like a snake who says something but does the opposite

On the other hand Angad Maan is totally determined that Jasmine will not stay with tejo no matter what. He does not want to give jasmine any chance to hurt Tejo at all. He is so overcome with feelings of betrayal and hurt at Jasmine’s actions that he wants to teach her a lesson. Jasmine had a deal with him but still betrayed him so he partners up with Gurpreet to reveal Jasmine’s prior actions to the family. However everyone is also taken aback by Angad Maan’s actions and wondering how he knows so much.

Angad Maan’s anger hit its peak once he realized jasmine was blackmailing Tejo and Fateh and their entire family, because jasmine was also planning to marry Fateh. This is what ultimately pushes him over the edge and makes him decide to destroy Jasmine’s life completely so that she learns a proper lesson.

Fans are theorizing that he is planning to replace fateh as the groom. One thing is for sure that every fan is waiting at the edge of their seat to see what happens in the next episode.

The fans are quite excited for the next and upcoming episode. The latest episode written updates will be here after the telecast of the episode on TV. The show is running good on daily screens for its cast and story.


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