Celebrity There will never be another HyunA and DAWN engagement...

There will never be another HyunA and DAWN engagement ring, says jewelry designer


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Jewelry whole Diligems shared info of HyunA and DAWN’s engagement rings, the sole different buzz issue when the couple’s unexpected engagement reveal.

The bespoke rings showcased a novel charm, in contrast to something seen by netizens before. utterly in set with the couple’s extraordinary, hip fashion vogue, the accessory’s beauty charmed its means on the net.

On Gregorian calendar month four, the posh ring whole Diligems uploaded post-creation pictures associated an in-the-work photo of HyunA and DAWN’s beautiful engagement rings. Designer Yueuna Esther Shin additionally denote a collage of the couple’s engagement posts.

The Diligems designer shared details concerning the bespoke one, stating that the try is that the just one ever created and can ne’er be duplicated. excluding the planning, the rings’ rare style makes them one-of-a-kind.

The post explained the styles of the rings and the way DAWN in person visited the studio and that they brainstormed for styles. The idol eventually selected associate opaque gem and 7 diamonds to create the dreamy ring.

The designer additionally unconcealed her discomfort with netizens jumping to negative conclusions concerning the rings.

The designer accessories don’t seem to be simply a favourite for the couple, however additionally some K-pop stylists. K-pop lady cluster aespa and player Choa were additionally noticed carrying Diligems throughout their shoots.

How much do HyunA and DAWN’s engagement rings cost?

Diligems’ Instagram bio reads, “All items handmade amorously and magic.” the web site showcases the posh brand’s rings assortment ranging from $100 to $300.

The specific intoxicated assortment, the sole assortment that features gemstones, ranges between $100 to $200. although the designer did not disclose the value, they did say that the rings acquired their year’s rent.

Considering it is a one-of-a-kind bespoke love ring, netizens should not be afraid if the value is unconcealed to be within the lots of.


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There will never be another HyunA and DAWN engagement ring, says jewelry designer

Jewelry whole Diligems shared info of HyunA and DAWN’s...
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