Celebrity Music Artist Illymation Face reveal, Age, Boyfriend name

Music Artist Illymation Face reveal, Age, Boyfriend name


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Illymation is a Youtuber personality popular as story animato. She uploads unique content on Youtube stories. She’s best known for her video “How I Met My Abusive (ex) Boyfriend” which has been viewed over 1 million times and received thousands of comments from people all around the world. Her channel is about to cross the 2 million subscribers in just few days. She is a regular content uploader. Illymation recently revealed her face to the fans and introduced herself in the video. Recently she posted a picture on Twitter with a guy which everyone thinking is her boyfriend. This is not true. She clarified about it in the recent statement.

Who is Illymation?

Illymation is a Youtuber and content creator who make animations and stories based videos on Youtube.

Illymation had already revealed her face a long ago on Youtube. Her identity is not hidden anymore.

She is well known to be an American story-time animator on YouTube who many people know for her video on boyfriend which she released in parts. It started off as part one in a three part series about abuse she faced from both friends and family members growing up along with other circumstances that led towards the end result: becoming homeless due lack of support system while trying desperately hard not only maintain college grades but also keep herself safe outside all this time without feeling guilty when making poor decisions because it was happening inside out.

Illymation Age

Illymation is a young artist and YouTuber whose age is in between 24 years. She has a boyfriend.

The musician has described herself as either bi or pan. In addition, she mentioned that it’s hard for her to find love because of how terrible her past relationships have been with an abusive boyfriend who also happened be in many places at once- what a nightmare.

She poses great talent of making animation videos on her channel. The young star grabs millions views on her channel easily by making funny animations, cartoons and stories videos.

Illymation Youtube channel

illymation is a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers and billion views. The videos are designed for children, but adults can enjoy them as well!

A fun thing about this person’s uploads on our favorite social media site: they’re always sure to have some kind-hearted animal friend fully integrated into their narrative whether it be at the beginning or end of each clip. These little guys give us something warm and furry within which we burrow ourselves when life gets cold outside again.

Illymation on Instagram

Ilyssa Levy is the real name of the Illymation artist.

Ilyssa studied from the Laguna College of Art and Design, studying animation. She had hopes for a career in an office-based job but ended up being hurt by someone who didn’t deserve her love so she’s changed course entirely now working as both artist and animator on Youtube.

Her channel is monetized which helps her to make money from the videos on YouTube. She is getting ten thousands of views daily on her channel.


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Music Artist Illymation Face reveal, Age, Boyfriend name

Illymation is a Youtuber personality popular as story animato. She uploads unique content on Youtube stories. She's best known...

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