Celebrity John Cena name drops BLACKPINK in the latest DC...

John Cena name drops BLACKPINK in the latest DC show Peacemaker


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First BTS and currently BLACKPINK, John Cena created a fast and humorous respect to the K-pop lady cluster within the latest yank TV show Peacemaker. Cena stars within the new HBO soap original TV show as a violent, inflexible, kill-happy volunteer within the DC Comic-inspired flick.

Created as a derivative series and a sequel to James Gunn’s 2021 pic The Suicide Squad, the new HBO soap show Peacemaker focuses on the lifetime of associate degree surprising character.

John Cena’s humorous line concerning BLACKPINK in Peacemaker
John Cena options on the new HBO soap original TV show whereby he stars because the grasping Saint Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker. Cena’s latest BLACKPINK reference was incorporated into one in every of his lines.

In episode half-dozen, titled Murn once Reading, once Adebayo’s surprise, Murn reveals his biggest secret, broken out of jail by Detective Song, Auggie Smith returns home with plans to kill his son, and as Peacemaker tries to contact his bottled alien unfortunate person, the police surround his home.

In Peacemaker and Vigilante’s automotive scene, the pacifist diplomat gets furious and goes berserk. He mentions a few of names like Taylor Swift and {also the} K-pop lady cluster BLACKPINK also notice a mention during this episode.

Earlier in episode five titled Monkey Dory, Peacemaker created a BTS reference once Economos gave a rather calamitous PowerPoint presentation to fill everybody in on what Butterflies area unit. Peacemaker hurled a listing of names,

“Then why’d you set him there, you f*t f*ck? What concerning urban center Grande, or Drake? Brad Pitt, Payne Stewart, or Doug the domestic dog, Khloe Kardashian, the Red Tiger from Voltron, Fran Tarkenton, Joe American state, Joe Mantegna, Eddie potato, Michael Jordan, Michael B. Jordan, BTS… i am supplying you with a listing of individuals you could’ve done.”

HBO Max’s original tv series Peacemaker: wherever to observe and a lot of
John Cena embodies his character dead – fun, hilarious, and filled with surprises. the general tone of this show is usually action comedy. There area unit lots of mirthful lines and puns created by the characters, whereas different moments area unit a lot of dry


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